Talking to Nikki is always fun, half because there’s no telling when one of us is gonna say something that proves we got no good sense. Today it was me, and in a conversation about dulce de leche  I called it a nerd. There’s a very good reason for this, but I have no idea what it is so after pointing out that it’s very bad at dodge ball I had an idea! (That should frighten y’all) Got to wondering what “nerd food” was and if it even made any sense, so I decided to host an event to find out what y’all think about it!

 Is nerd food pizza and mountain dew at the LAN party? Is it a cupcake made with Bawls? Is it one of those neat science meets food trends? Be it a nerdy cafeteria lunch or a meal based on a video game it counts. By April 5th (it’s my B-Day), come up with something that means nerd food to you and a reason why and write it up! Send me an email to let me know if any of y’all were really silly enough to try it, and give me a link to your nerdy creations. Bonus points if it’s wearing glasses.