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The visit was really fun! There was much gift giving, snacking, and nothing I cooked went south. The house looked beautiful, the mom raved about it, and all in all it was a really good time. The whole time it seemed like we were either eating or laughing, and that’s how it should be.

Mom, G-Ma, and me

It’s time to get to work on the new gift bags now, and I won’t say that I’m not looking forward to it. Been learning so much getting these done, and that’s more valuable than any other gift I could get. This idea of making a business may work yet, if people like what I do.                           


The mom and g-ma are visiting today. Much cleaning and baking so that I can pretend like I didn’t do anything special. Gonna take pics, so that anything I managed to get right today isn’t lost.

Haven’t written in forever, but I’m gonna try to make this an account of things as they happen. Thanksgiving went pretty well, it was very pleasent and the bread came out perfect. The only thng I wasn’t happy with was the green bean casserole, and that didn’t taste as good because I used the low sodium cream of mushroom soup. Usually that’s fine, but for a special occassion I’ll use the normal one. Now it’s officially the Christmas season, and I’ve volunteered to make hand made gift bags for everybody to try to save some money. The first two were supposed to have a week and a half to make, but the date was wrong and I had two and half days to make them. The result wasn’t what I was hoping for, but I did pretty well considering. This is what I put in there.

 gift bags

In fact, this time I’m gonna try to take pics of everything as I go along, cleaning, sewing, all of the cooking.  Mom and G-Ma are coming this weekend, so it’s gonna be a scramble to get everything done. The house isn’t in good shape right now, it really got messed up when I had to do everything last week.