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Barnes and Noble has great customer service.  A few days ago, my beloved man gave me some old gift cards he had from Barnes and Noble. After a lot of shopping, I picked up three books (two Stitch n Bitch books and a drawing book), one DVD (AM ad PM Yoga), and a small artist’s model. The books and DVD got here quickly, but the artist’s model was missing, Instead, they had sent me a DVD basketball trivia game. As soon as I opened the box, I called them, and the woman was so nice to talk to. She was polite, cheerful, apologized for the error, and got my model sent out to me that second. She also sent me a pre-paid shopping label to return the other item. She was very nice to deal with, and I really appreciated being made to feel important to their company.


A Friday night, and the best part of my evening so far is watching my favourite show on tv. Not a bad way to spend an evening for a little hermit like me, and What Not To Wear really is something I hate to miss. It’s one of the only times I’ll watch a rerun, usually I despise those things. Has the show done me any good? Right now there’s no money to buy me nicer clothing much, but what it has done is made me a lot less impulsive about what I buy. D has told me I can get a few new shirts for the more nipply weather a week ago, in the past I would’ve already bought them all. The new Tartlet is trying to find things she’s going to love, not just whatever seems cute at the time. What really hurts is when they start pointing out how awful an outfit is, and it’s something that I would wear.