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This is what’s currently planned as the menu for the coming week. Grocery shopping has been changed to Thursdays now, because I did it this week and I really like the more relaxed feeling of being prepared for the weekend. This is the first week of my state project, and my first time in TWD and the DB. Hows’ the for a whole new range of projects! The best part is that Tuesdays With Dorie works out for me so that I can bake on Saturday, and share the results with the family on the usual family Saturday suppers. This week is a little different, there’s a get together on Sunday (B-Day celebration, not the Super Bowl), so Saturday we’ll be having D’s mom over here and I’ll do supper. Which part of the meal has to do with Alabama and why, I’ll explain when I put up the pics each day. Alabama gets shorted a day (sorry y’all!) by Fat Tuesday being this Tuesday. Holidays of any sort are always big cooking days for me, and I don’t want to ignore any of them.

2/1 Breakfast : Whole Grain Cereal

        Supper : Fish Chowder 

2/2 Breakfast : Whole Wheat Pancakes With Strawberry Sauce

        Dinner : Fish Chowder

        Supper : Pot Roast, Roasted Veggies, TWD 

2/3 Breakfast : Apple – Pecan Muffins, Eggs

        Supper : Supper at D’s Mom’s 

2/4 Breakfast : Whole Grain Cereal

        Dinner : Soup, Sandwich

        Supper : Oven Fried Chicken, Fried Green Tomatoes, Cornbread

2/5 Breakfast : Whole Grain Cereal

        Dinner : Soup, Sandwich

        Supper : Jambalaya, Dirty Rice, King Cakes

2/6 Breakfast : Whole Grain Cereal

        Dinner : Jambalaya

        Supper : Fettuccine With Walnuts And Parsley, Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Orange Essence

2/7 Breakfast : Whole Grain Cereal

        Dinner : Soup, Sandwich

        Supper : Turkey Burgers, Garlic Fries, Baked Beans, Peanut Butter Cookies

2/8 Breakfast : Whole Grain Cereal

        Dinner : Soup, Sandwich

       Supper :  Meatloaf, Dirty Broccoli, Dill/Cheddar Biscuits


What would be fun is to make new recipes every day for a month. It sounds very challenging for a girl like me, who’s used to making the same recipes every time! Variations on them anyway, admittedly I’m often announcing “I don’t know what I’m doing in here, this is a warning to you!” For whatever reason, D has gotten into the habit of cheering loudly whenever he hears this. He claims that every time I try something new it comes out delicious, which is why he perks up whenever he hears the announcement. One of these days, he’s gonna regret the enthusiasm when I serve up something that doesn’t work! The theme thing is something I want to try too. Taking on a theme for a week, even a month if it goes right. Any suggestions for either of these projects would be appreciated!

Every Friday I plan my menu for the next week, and make a grocery list. After which I promptly lose the menu *groan* Why not put it all here, so I can find it easily (and anybody reading along can get a chuckle out of me trying to follow it!) Each week I want to try a few new recipes, as well as start trying to make what we eat healthier. There are two people to feed, my guy and myself, and a feisty seven month old kitty, on a budget of $400.00 a month in Tampa Bay, FL. The more I can come in under the budget, the better, but right now the point is to stay on it.

Each week needs 7 breakfasts (5 weekday regulars, 2 weekend specials), 7 lunches (5 weekday regulars, 2 weekend specials), and 6 dinners (1 is at D’s mom’s).  Bread needs to be made once a week.

Soups And Snacks : Fish Chowder, Tuna Salad, Peanut Butter And Jelly, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese And Pineapple, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cupcakes, Lemon Meringue Pie

Friday D : Chicken Cordon Bleu

Saturday B : Pancakes, Eggs, Fruit

Sunday B : Fruit, Eggs, Fried Potatoes D : Roast Chicken, Veggies

Monday:  B : Cereal L : Soup D : Trinidad Stewed Chicken, Plantains, Cuban Bread, Pirate Cake, Punch

Tuesday B : Cereal L : Leftovers D : Pork Chops, Rice, Salad

Wednesday B : Cereal L : Sandwiches D : Hamburgers, Baked Beans, Corn

Thursday B : Cereal L : Sandwiches D : Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad

Shopping List

Green onions
Chicken breasts
Corn on the cob
Rum extract
Orange juice
Maple syrup
Potato flakes
Chicken bullion