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It’s the first time I’ve tried the Frugal Foodie Challenge hosted by Food Revolution, an event that only made sense with how often that word is used around here! (Usually things like “Are you sure you’re being frugal sweetie?” and “Didn’t you say this was gonna be a frugal month princess?” uttered hopefully by the beleaguered D) This is one of my favourite recipes, it might sound a bit odd but I promise it’s very good and simple.

Picture 888


The chicken I took from a chicken I had put in the crock pot whole and left there without anything else for a good 12 hours. Doing it this way doesn’t over cook the chicken, and it allows you to easily separate the bones and skin away from the meat with no effort and very little waste. You get a lot more meat than if you scrape the bones (at least my untalented at it self does), and the left over broth is really nice. If you ain’t using a crock pot, boil up some skinless chicken breasts or legs and thighs, whatever your preference is.Dark meat is as delicious as white meat in this, and dark meat is obviously cheaper. I used the equivalent of about two breasts worth of meat.

Chop up the chicken, and throw it in a bowl with one chopped up apple with the skin on, one to two handfuls of cranberries, raisins, or a combination of both (half of one of the foil packs of cranberries and golden raisins together is what I used), 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, a little pepper, a handful and a half of chopped walnuts, and about a half cup of low fat yogurt. Mix it all together, and put some on bread for sandwiches, chips, whatever you want. It fills us up very well, even D’s 6′ 4″ still eats like a half starved Navy man self. Don’t be fooled by it being healthy, it’s tasty!

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Chicken 3.00 (less if you use dark meat)
Apple .50
Yogurt .50
Bread .50 (used 1/4th of a loaf so I called it .50 )
Cranberries and Raisins 1.00 (used half the package, y’all can probably find it cheaper)
Walnuts 1.00 (rounded up a bit)

$6.50 at the very most

Florida has pretty expensive groceries.