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It’s her favourite chair. It’s near the end of the bed in our bedroom, and whenever D hasn’t thrown his jeans in it she’s playing in it. She and it have a stormy relationship, some days she’s snoozing in it and other days she’s attacking it violently over and over. Nobody knows how a cat and a chair developed a love hate relationship, but who are we to judge? Here she is, worn out after another battle with the chair (and after I’d straightened up the flag and blankie yet again).


She’s fuzzy, she’s cute. She’s the b-day kitty, Pi! No clue of when her real b-day is, so when the vet told us a few months ago she was between 7 and 9 months old we decided that March 14th was a good b-day for a kitten named Pi. The pics suck, and that’s my fault. Some absent minded girl left the digital camera outside the day before yesterday, and it rained yesterday all day. D took the camera apart, and it’s working now (after some hysterical sobbing from me about how I was awful and ruined his things and how my blogging career was ended). These pics were taken with my cel phone.


What better way to celebrate her day then with a salmon patty cake? The frosting is low fat cream cheese and no fat yogurt (to avoid upsetting her tummy with the fatty dairy) with a little pink food colouring. The candle was lit while we sang to her and she purred, then we took the candle out and gave her the cake.





Picture 685


Ain’t she an intimidating ball of fluff? She’s wanting to gnaw on me right now.

D is surrounded at all times by a lemon tartlet, and a Pi. Which means, he really got his just desserts.


Viscious little cuss, and HE taught her to do it! Which is why that’s his hand, and why at this rate we’ll be buying stock in rubbing alcohol.


The biggest thing this week can be introduced best with a picture. Her name is Pi, and we found her out in the driveway, half starved and defending a few crumbs from a dog. There are no words to describe how adorable she is, how much we needed her.