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This is my attempt today at making place mats for the kitchen table.  The place mat was simple to make, all I did was cut two rectangles out of white muslin vloth and lay one rectangles of cotton batting between them. The edges were tucked under about 1/4 inch and sewn down. The back looks very rough, the next time I’d fold the edges under twice to make the hem. The dots up top aren’t spaced well, but it was my first attempts. Impulsiveness is good in creativity, but I really need to take more time to measure things.

The card is for D’s sister, and is made out of unbleached muslin and brown paper lunch bags that I cut into rectangles and sewed together on the sewing machine. Brown paper sews together very nice.

Picture 521

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These are some of my first attempts at baked goods art. The cookie one is a fabric print design. Hope y’all like it ok, please feel free to criticize. It’s the first time I’ve tried painting on fabric. trying to get the courage to put it up in public.

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While leaving a rambling essay in Tempered Woman’s blog, I managed to tip my cupcake over onto my tummy. D (also known as pscyclone from Lythos and Lythosants) took this pic. Look Ma, I’m a cupcake treat!

Picture 231


This is the first bit of cupcake art I’m trying. Gonna try more, wanted to put this tiny little bit up. It ain’t anything impressive, but its mine! Y’all are welcome to use it if you want, credit would be appreciated. Speaking of mentioning things, if anybody reads this boring little blog, would you comment and let me know? Love meeting new people so much!