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It’s been a while since I was blogging on a regular basis, I’ve been a slacker. It’s the holidays now, and it’s back to blogging for me! Lest you think I make my come back without and escort, let me introduce y’all to the newest member of the Tartlet Family.


Ain’t she a looker? This is Abbey, a purebred golden lab who was originally purchased by my guy’s mom. She’s such a sweetie, but like any lab she’s full of energy and at just over a year old Miss Abbey is more than a handful. She’d never hurt a fly, but in her attempt to play she knocked his mom over causing her to end up with a fractured wrist. At first D and me were taking Abbey while his mom’s wrist healed, but we fell in love (against our will) and his mom decided Abbey was a little too much and that we could give her a great home. Lucky for everybody, we live a few streets away and can bring Abbey over every Saturday for the family dinners!


I’m not a dog person, did I mention that? Cats are what I know, and ours is acting like a big bully. A cat person like me wouldn’t be affected by those big eyes and cheerfull licking and… look at that tongue…


Oh Abbey, you win. Y’all please keep me in mind with my tiny kitchen and no space plus a frisky lab!


Is there a 12 step program for this? It’s an addiction, I can’t seem to slow down.


This is our fridge. Notice that it’s full of food, and yet my grocery lists are long! How does this happen? It’s something I ask myself as I’m trying to fit more food into the freezer with a crowbar and a string of profanities, and this week I’ve had enough. Welcome to my experiment to find out how long I can go without shopping for anything except milk/eggs/butter/sugar/flour/drinks. Thanksgiving will be the exception, and I’ll only shop for what is needed specifically for the turkey and such.

Meet the fridge.


There’s a lot in there! That’s not all the food in the house either, don’t forget these.




and the infamous baking shelves.


How long do y’all think I can keep it up?

They ain’t very good pics, and they’re silly.


Ain’t that the cutest logo? Holly made it, and I’m loving on it.

It’s been a bit rough getting the GWW things how I want them. Too many deadlines, too many rules and I was getting irked with trying to decide how to add yet another set of do’s and do not’s to my hobby. Ya know how some people work best under pressure? Not one of them!

What’s a girl to do? From now on, here’s the “rules” to playing along as I cook and bake my way through 1950’s Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook, a perfect reproduction of the very first. Thank CB for helping me sort it out.

1. Each month I’ll put up a list of recipes from the Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook that I wanna make that month. If all goes right, I’ll put them up on Wednesdays is no particular order.

2. Anybody can play along that wants to. When the recipe list goes up, it will have page numbers. There’s no guarantee I’ll bother posting the recipes when I put up what I made, so your best strategy is to buy the book if you want to participate.

3. If you do want to join me, send your blog name and link to lemontartlet(at) and I’ll put you up on a sidebar. There are no attendance rules, no ways you have to do anything. You can change and adapt, do as many or as few as you like. Have fun with it!

This month’s recipes will be a shorter list, since I didn’t get this started at the beginning of September. It will usually be a long list, because I’ll be using a lot of the recipes in my normal weekly cooking. Start wherever you want, choose whatever you want.

Applesauce Cake pg. 128

French Breakfast Puffs pg. 65

Snickerdoodles pg. 189

Eggs A La Goldenrod pg. 255 (the picture explains the recipe)

Scotch Broth pg. 368

Spaghetti With Meatballs pg. 385

Any questions?

Need to do this tomorrow, I can’t do it today. Sorry y’all.

The pic is really bad. Don’t even start. There ain’t been a day lately that ain’t cloudy when I want to take pic, and the kitchen has one window in the first place which is shaded by a tree. Usually thing get taken outside, but a thunder storm told me not happening so this is what y’all get.

The inaugeral recipe for Good Wife Wednesdays, the Noodle Ring! What more could you ask for from a 1950′ recipe? It’s in a circle, which for whateer reason was very popular as a way to dress things up and it’s very economical. Noodles and creamed leftovers (chicken), doesn’t break the bank. The veggies around the sides were a few frozen veggies I found in the bottom of a bag and heated up.

IMG_2463.jpg picture by lemontartlet

Noodle Snob. You can say it. These worked so well…

IMG_2457.jpg picture by lemontartlet

The recipe calls for baking the noodles in a circle and suggests a mold. A bundt pan would’ve worked too, which iss the first thing I grabbed out of the cabinet and kept on reading. Water bath? The noodles need to be baked in a water bath? If any of y’all remember my cheesecake from before, you know I ain’t got a pan big enough to give anything a water bath in (which is what happened with the foil boat last time). Foil tot he rescue again, making half the recipe and baking the noodles in a Pyrex bowl!

IMG_2455.jpg picture by lemontartlet

Yeah, it didn’t work. The egg mixture on the noodles leaked out through the foil so I had to go with a different method. Nothing a mug won’t fix! The noodles took about 45 minute to bake, I started checking at 35 minutes but the smaller protions didn’t change the baking. The noodles got a little crunchy on top, but since I flipped it over it didn’t matter. The creamed chicken I made from leftovers on a baked chicken, it was very creamy and not too rich. D gave this lots of approving noises while eating, and I loved how easily it came together.

IMG_2458.jpg picture by lemontartlet

Welcome to Miserable Mondays, the day where I showcase food that takes as little effort as possible!

Never used to have anything much against Mondays, and then I ended up in Florida. Summer in Florida. Stupid heat and 90% humidity on a good day and house work don’t mix y’all! Sundays for us are no work at all days, so the contrast between lovely lay in front of the fan Sunday and mean ol’ dryer and stove and dishpan Mondays can leave you feeling like this.

IMG_2390.jpg picture by lemontartlet

If you’re eating a Hebrew National dog (and if you ain’t you should be), you want the best cooking method you can stand. They deserve better than being boiled or stuck in the microwave, but it’s not even possible to imagine grilling anything in this heat. A few minutes under the broiler makes them delicious! Sweet pickle relish and cheddar cheese, a little mayo on a potato bread bun.

IMG_2408.jpg picture by lemontartlet



Ain’t she a sophisticated kitty?

IMG_1254.jpg picture by lemontartlet