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There’s no denying it, food is good. That’s certainly a big reason why we all read these blogs and write in them, our love of food. A few minutes ago I was snacking on the leftover sauce from the chicken cordon bleu, and wondering what to do with some of my Christmas money. There are some socks I want, a few books, some kitchen gadgets… and I sent a flock of chickens to somebody who needs them. If you’re really enjoying your meal today, and you have a little cash on hand (which I know it’s hard to have), there are some other folk who could use some help too.



The Heifer Project helps people by sending them seeds, livestick, and training, so that they can raise animals and crops to feed their families, and pass on your gift to their neighbours, friends, and the rest of the world just like you gave them. It ain’t expensive either, 20 bucks of some Christmas money given to me sent other people a whole flock of chickens. Please give it a look y’all, it’s a great program!