Y’all who know me at all know I’m a slacker. It’s sadly true, and try as I might I tend to be unorganized. The very flexible rules on GWW for example make that clear, and although it often feels good it really ain’t that great for me. It’s easier to do things that are easy, and often I find myself falling into that pattern. So with the help of the beloved CB, I’m trying to break out of that a little by hosting an event that makes me be more organized and healthier in my eating habits.

Any of y’all wanna cook with me? The book is so frigging good, and I’ve been loving it so far. CB decided she wanted to cook from it too, so here were are! Craving Ellie In My Belly. It’s your standard weekly event, choosing recipes from the book Foods You Crave. If y’all feel like giving it a try, send me an email at lemontartlet(at)yahoo.com and let me know. There’s plenty of room, and we’re friendly enough as long as you keep us fed!