Ain’t that the cutest logo? Holly made it, and I’m loving on it.

It’s been a bit rough getting the GWW things how I want them. Too many deadlines, too many rules and I was getting irked with trying to decide how to add yet another set of do’s and do not’s to my hobby. Ya know how some people work best under pressure? Not one of them!

What’s a girl to do? From now on, here’s the “rules” to playing along as I cook and bake my way through 1950’s Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook, a perfect reproduction of the very first. Thank CB for helping me sort it out.

1. Each month I’ll put up a list of recipes from the Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook that I wanna make that month. If all goes right, I’ll put them up on Wednesdays is no particular order.

2. Anybody can play along that wants to. When the recipe list goes up, it will have page numbers. There’s no guarantee I’ll bother posting the recipes when I put up what I made, so your best strategy is to buy the book if you want to participate.

3. If you do want to join me, send your blog name and link to lemontartlet(at) and I’ll put you up on a sidebar. There are no attendance rules, no ways you have to do anything. You can change and adapt, do as many or as few as you like. Have fun with it!

This month’s recipes will be a shorter list, since I didn’t get this started at the beginning of September. It will usually be a long list, because I’ll be using a lot of the recipes in my normal weekly cooking. Start wherever you want, choose whatever you want.

Applesauce Cake pg. 128

French Breakfast Puffs pg. 65

Snickerdoodles pg. 189

Eggs A La Goldenrod pg. 255 (the picture explains the recipe)

Scotch Broth pg. 368

Spaghetti With Meatballs pg. 385

Any questions?