The pic is really bad. Don’t even start. There ain’t been a day lately that ain’t cloudy when I want to take pic, and the kitchen has one window in the first place which is shaded by a tree. Usually thing get taken outside, but a thunder storm told me not happening so this is what y’all get.

The inaugeral recipe for Good Wife Wednesdays, the Noodle Ring! What more could you ask for from a 1950′ recipe? It’s in a circle, which for whateer reason was very popular as a way to dress things up and it’s very economical. Noodles and creamed leftovers (chicken), doesn’t break the bank. The veggies around the sides were a few frozen veggies I found in the bottom of a bag and heated up.

IMG_2463.jpg picture by lemontartlet

Noodle Snob. You can say it. These worked so well…

IMG_2457.jpg picture by lemontartlet

The recipe calls for baking the noodles in a circle and suggests a mold. A bundt pan would’ve worked too, which iss the first thing I grabbed out of the cabinet and kept on reading. Water bath? The noodles need to be baked in a water bath? If any of y’all remember my cheesecake from before, you know I ain’t got a pan big enough to give anything a water bath in (which is what happened with the foil boat last time). Foil tot he rescue again, making half the recipe and baking the noodles in a Pyrex bowl!

IMG_2455.jpg picture by lemontartlet

Yeah, it didn’t work. The egg mixture on the noodles leaked out through the foil so I had to go with a different method. Nothing a mug won’t fix! The noodles took about 45 minute to bake, I started checking at 35 minutes but the smaller protions didn’t change the baking. The noodles got a little crunchy on top, but since I flipped it over it didn’t matter. The creamed chicken I made from leftovers on a baked chicken, it was very creamy and not too rich. D gave this lots of approving noises while eating, and I loved how easily it came together.

IMG_2458.jpg picture by lemontartlet