Pudding is one of my all time favourite foods ever. How could it not be? Jello snacks and home made, even those boxes of instant pudding get eaten up by me. This was a whole new experience with pudding, real dark chocolate! This pudding is so rich, even I can only eat a few spoons of it at once.

Green and Black Chocolate is my chocolate of choice, and that’s what I used for the cocoa and the chocolate bar. Y’all, their 70% cocoa don’t play around. This is not a pudding cup is what I’m trying to make clear. This is the kind of pudding that kicks open the fridge door, grabs you by the collar and dares you take a bite. It’s pudding with attitude problems and a rap sheet.

IMG_2421.jpg picture by lemontartlet

Dorie’s instructions were great and had I followed them I’m sure the pudding would have been even better. Y’all know me, and know I didn’t and instead dumped everything into the same pan and whisked. Ok, I tempered the eggs with some warm milk but that’s as fancy as I managed. Didn’t even melt the chocolate first. It came out silky and lump free, what more can you ask for? Oh, and there was no whole milk in the house or even skim milk so I used non fat powdered milk and put a little heavy cream in it that needed to be used.

There is no good reason for this next picture.


IMG_2432.jpg picture by lemontartlet