You bake scones late at night, and take a few pics that kinda suck because of the lighting so you promise yourself you’ll take pics again in the morning. Two scones are carefully put away for breakfast, and the next morning you take them out and arrange them carefully on your plate. You heat them a little, and put butter on them and allow yourself one bite before the photo shoot. When you grab your camera, you realize that somebody has stolen your scones! There’s nothing you can do, but wipe the crumbs from your face (how did those get there?) and post what you have.

IMG_2411.jpg picture by lemontartlet

Darling scones, you are tender and sweet. The extra tablespoon of sugar I added gave you the special touch of sweet I was craving, the sugar was brown and that suited you. The next time I promise I’ll make your chunks of cheese bigger and your apples larger (per D’s request), but please know I love you the way you are. Your friends are in the freezer waiting for tomorrow’s breakfast, your appley goodness lingers on my tongue. Moist and delicate, yet you make my tummy feel like it had a hearty breakfast. Will you marry me Apple Cheddar Scone?

IMG_2410.jpg picture by lemontartlet


Three tablespoons of brown sugar instead of what the recipe called for was the only change I made. Wanna try the yogurt trick on these, it would be nice to reduce the fat. The better the cheese you use, the better these are. For y’all who can’t find dried apples, will be your best friend.