Welcome to Miserable Mondays, the day where I showcase food that takes as little effort as possible!

Never used to have anything much against Mondays, and then I ended up in Florida. Summer in Florida. Stupid heat and 90% humidity on a good day and house work don’t mix y’all! Sundays for us are no work at all days, so the contrast between lovely lay in front of the fan Sunday and mean ol’ dryer and stove and dishpan Mondays can leave you feeling like this.

IMG_2390.jpg picture by lemontartlet

If you’re eating a Hebrew National dog (and if you ain’t you should be), you want the best cooking method you can stand. They deserve better than being boiled or stuck in the microwave, but it’s not even possible to imagine grilling anything in this heat. A few minutes under the broiler makes them delicious! Sweet pickle relish and cheddar cheese, a little mayo on a potato bread bun.

IMG_2408.jpg picture by lemontartlet