If y’all are saying this looks nothing like the strawberry tart, thank you Captain Obvious. There’s a very good reason that it don’t, and none of them are my fault! Not all of them. One or two really, you can’t blame me for more than that.


D didn’t want the tart crust. He didn’t! It was a long fight, and even though I love… ok like… tolerate really… am not very fond of the shortbread crust, I selflessly went with his brilliant suggestion when he mentioned he wanted more brownies. Which has nothing to do with me having eaten most of the brownies we had before.

Then the stupid California strawberries that I knew I shouldn’t have bought after they’d travelled all that way had mold on them. Some people throw away the moldy ones and use the rest, but I’m way too OCD for that. The only thing I had was a bag of slightly frost bitten strawberries, and they would get all mushy! Jello? Strawberries cooked down in orange juice with cherry Jello! A little whipped cream on top, and we have something that don’t have a thing in common with the tart.

It fell over when we tried to eat it. It was the best dessert ever.