Fancy cooking has always taunted me. This is embarrassing to admit, uncomfortable even but I’ve struggled a lot with feeling like I needed to cook more impressive dishes. New combinations of flavours, exotic cuisines made me feel like I would never be a real grown up unless I liked them and could serve them up at fashionable dinner parties. For years I’ve been trying so hard to be a chic foodie, and y’all stop laughing!

It don’t work. Simple food is what I crave, uncomplicated recipes that don’t even need to be written down. Hours of slow cooking, cheap meats and fresh veggies with more than enough to go around. There ain’t no denying my palette is unsophisticated, but I’ll always prefer meatloaf to a glazed comfit of whatsit that costs more than the pickup truck’s monthly payment. Done with fancy food, if y’all are looking for new and different ya ain’t finding it here.

Chicken thighs and legs. Cheap, and cheaper on sale. The skin and fat is cut off, and the outside is coated in crushed saltine crackers with salt and pepper and chili powder. The chicken is cooked at 350 F for a good hour and half covered in foil, then broiled with a few tomato slices from my garden on top.


The beans are navy beans. Cooked up a big bag of dried beans with chicken stock and celery and onions, and frozen in portions of 2 cups each. To cook them for supper, sauteed some onions in butter and thawed the beans in the microwave then put them in the pan with the onions. A few prigs of thyme from the garden went in the pan, with some more tomatoes from the garden and some salt and pepper. Collard greens on the side are D’s request if he’s given the choice.