It’s late and I’m licking my fingers when I should be snoozing. D is snoring beside me, and I was trying to snooze when I realized I was hungry. Really hungry! Usually it’s something I can ignore, but for supper I made my kind of food. Slow roasted pork in a Coca Cola and ketchup sauce, over buttered rice with collard greens and cornbread. The leftovers of rice and pork I mixed together and packed for D’s dinner tomorrow, the rest I left in the pan in the fridge for mine (we eat dinner around 2 p.m., and supper around 7 p.m. for y’all who call it lunch and get easily confused), but it was too good! Like some food thief, I snuck out of bed and grabbed the pan and ate it all down without bothering to heat it up. Didn’t even bother with a fork! There, y’all know what a terribly uncivilized creature I am now.