It ain’t a surprise that I was looking forward to this one, it’s my name! Y’all are free to throw in the extraordinary part when talking to me all ya want. There was even prancing as I went to get the lemons and grate the zest from them like I’ve gotten good at!

Photobucket Y’all quit staring at the lemons, they’re nekkid!

The recipe was easy, lemons and sugar and eggs and all I had to do was stir!

And stir…Photobucket

Photobucket and stir…

and stir… Photobucket

Ok, this is downright silly. For all the sweating (standing over a steaming pot and hot cream in Florida when it’s humid and sticky allready ain’t fun) and effort, it never got up to 180 F. Mind you, I ended up getting up to 100.2 F, but that’s a different story and why I’m writing this from on the couch grumbling.

Photobucket Y’all don’t even want to know what kind of contortions I had to go through to get pics of the stirring while at the same times never stopping the motion. The cat now thinks I’m weird, which is saying something.

 Yeah. here they are, little lemon cream tarts. Everybody who reads my blog knows I ain’t never one to not speak my mind when it comes to my opinion on desserts, and this is no different. The results were silky and creamy and smooth… and boring. Utterly boring. While there ain’t a doubt in my mind that the chef who created this is a genuis, it was like licking a lemon flavoured butter stick to me. Loved the lemon mixture before the butter went it, afterwards it tasted like nothing but lemon flavoured butter to me and that’s with leaving out the 5 tbls. past the two sticks! The tart dough was bland, like a piece of kind cheap shortbread without any oomph.


The whole thing reminded me of something that might get served to a very unadventerous bridge club after a nice day of getting their hair tinged blue and powdering the poodle. Love the pic of the side I took though, it looks like it’s a golden tart!