It’s painful to admit, but I’m a procrastinator. This is something I’m trying to break, but when it comes to things like memes they’re so easy to forget about when you’re being lazy! It’s not that I don’t love them, I do! To prove it, here’s a quick run down of the memes I’ve been hit with lately and my proof to y’all that I really ain’t ignoring them. Why y’all want to know any of this I have no idea. 

April of Abbey Sweets was sweet enough to think of me by tagging me for

5 Things About Me:

1. As a child, I thought vampires were hunting me when I snoozed so I pulled the covers tight around my neck. That way the vampire would have to chew through the blanket to get to me, and it would wake me up. No clue what I thought I’d do if I woke up with a chewing vampire on my blanket, but to this day I have to do it to snooze.

2. A tuna salad melt on an English muffin is my favourite breakfast ever, but I talk myself out of them because I think I should eat normal breakfast foods for breakfast.

3. For a whole year, I changed my name to Charlotte for no good reason except being a stupid teenager.

4. There are squirrels stalking me. Not sure why, but without fail wherever I live there is always a squirrel that peers in my bedroom window at all times of the day. I love squirrels. It’s creepy though.

5. Being a cheerleader was my biggest dream in school, even though I was a total nerd.

 CB then hit me up to do 7 facts. More facts??? Answering questions is so much easier, ugh!

7 Facts :

1. Chatting online makes me very happy.

2. There are over 100 plush animals in the house. They’re called aminals, because their feelings get hurt if they get called animals.

3. Anything with pin up girl art on it makes me happy, and I long to be one and have my picture painted on the nose of a bomber so I can pose with it.

4. Bundt pans of all sizes and shapes are an obsession of mine. There’s no explanation for this.

5.  I’m fond of my butt.

6. There’s a scar on my chin that I got from trying to ride my tricycle off the steps in our garage (or carport, I’m not sure). For some reason, I thought I could make it fly.

7. Montana is where I want to live the most right now.

Whew! If that won’t enough, Laurie of Quirky Cupcakes thought doing some favourites would be fun (because she’s a meme slacker too and couldn’t remember what she’d been tagged with), so she threw this at me. 

Wednesday Favorites

Color- Brown

Fruit- Pears

Food- Meatloaf

Drink- Coca Cola

Snack- Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Smell- Citrus

Show- Trading Spouses

Song- Country Boy Can Survive

Blog- Pioneer Woman

Website- Questionable Content

Event- TWD

Toy- Kitchen Aid Pro 600

Shoes- Cowboy Boots

Chore- Mopping