Each of us is a baker, a chef, a… Sorry about that. This is to officially announce my attempt to start a food attempt, which if I’m lucky a handful of friends will humour me enough to try! It started because Nikki and me were having a perfectly normal conversation about whether or not Dulce De Leche is a nerdy food or not (it is, it gets picked last for dodgeball and uses an inhaler). That led to whether or not food can be nerdy, which made me make this event. Y’all with me so far? A want to try to figure out nerd food gave me the idea to start a clique based food challenge. Jocks, nerds, preps…

All y’all need to do is come up with a food that’s nerdy. It doesn’t matter why, whatever reason you can use to call it nerdy or nerd related works! Pizza and bawls is LAN party nerdy, a dish made by mathematical formula is nerdy. Whatever y’all want to do, make it and let me know about it by sending me an email at lemontartlet(at)yahoo(dot)com so I can read your entry and include it in the round up. The date for entries to be entered is April 19th. There ain’t any prizes because I’ve never been good at chosing one dish over the other, it’s a little fun is all.

If y’all have fun, let me know and next month a new clique can be chosen! Any suggestions for cliques is nice.