There are mornings when I don’t want to eat any of the things I should. Oatmeal sounds icky, whole grains are annoying me and I don’t want any sugar. Bleh! Usually this happens when I ain’t snoozed well and I’m grumpy. Why anybody wouldn’t snooze easily with two cop cars flashing their lights outside the bedroom window and a police helicopter flying through your neighborhood on a man hunt at 2:00 a.m. I don’t know, what a picky girl I am. Mornings like today I end up making what my mom used to call concoctions. As a little girl, they were unspeakable but as I got older I started making things like this.


It doesn’t look nice in any kind of presentation way, and it doesn’t come from any recipe. It’s always a grumpy, muttering cooking session with as little effort as possible and whatever is on hand thrown in if I get the craving for it. Today’s was very easy. grabbed a little whole grain couscous and tossed that in a sauce pan with some boiling water. From the freezer I grabbed some shredded pork tenderloin that I roasted up and put back a few days ago, breaking off some frozen pieces into the pot. There were some canned turnip greens in the pantry to throw in, a little olive oil and sea salt ended up in there too. A few shakes of curry powder and a lime pepper mix perked it up, and a pinch of cinnamon made it all a little interesting.

It wouldn’t win any beauty contests and it ain’t gourmet. There ain’t a crumb left of it.