It’s no secret that my cake from TWD didn’t go so well. It made me sad, because all I hear are glowing praise for Ms. Greenspan, and my first experience with the book was so frustrating! Everything looks so good, and nothing that looks that delicious should be anything but. Before trying this cheesecake, I wanted to get to know Dorie’s recipes and try to make friends. Peanut Butter Cookies to the rescue!

D took this picture over my shoulder. He’s often bugged to take a pic when I can’t get them right. He’s very good!

Picture 661 The dough is so delicious, and pleasantly squishable. Yes, the dough is delicious which I can eat because I use powdered eggs. They’re pasteurized, so I can eat all the cookie dough I want. Didn’t change much for the recipe, although the changes I did make might give some people those pursed lips of disapproval. Changed half of the four out for whole wheat pastry flour, and the butter was replaced with butter flavoured Crisco. In some things I’ll use butter, but whenever I can I prefer to replace it because of the cholesterol. The recipe called for nutmeg, but D isn’t very fond of the stuff so I left it out and added vanilla instead, which worked fine.

Picture 665


The dough was wonderful to work with, it was as fun as making mud pies as a kid. It was firm without being annoying, moist without being sticky. The sugar stuck to the outside perfectly, and the edges cracked without splitting when I flattened them down.

Picture 668


These are the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever had. There is no doubt about it. *hugs her book* Friends have been made!