The poor laptop I was using before has officially quit working, so I’m now back and forth between two different machines. A desktop for daytime use, and an older laptop when I’m typing away snuggled under the blankie. The only problem with the laptop is that being older, it’s not very pleased with my photo program so the post about my favourite fish dinner will have to be tomorrow. Instead. eggs are what I want to talk about. If you’ve ever seen those big cans of powdered eggs, you may not have been overly thrilled with the idea. They look like cheese powder, and smell less than pleasant if you’re dumb enough to stick your nose in the can (I’m that dumb). Here in Florida, living on the coast tends to inspire one to be hurricane prepared and sure or not I felt motivated to get a can. They’re truly beautiful. The company is called Honeyville, and these eggs are the best! One tablespoon of egg powder to two tablespoons of water, and you’ve made your egg all wet again. They’re all real eggs, and I’ve never been so pleased! They blend so smoothly, batters whip up like a dream and sauces work better than ever. They’re safe so nibbling at batter is perfectly fine (not that the danger ever stopped me), and with the big can that stays fresh for a year I never have to worry about running out! Planning on ordering some whole grains from the same company, they do a lot of high quality baking products for very affordable prices. Give them a try!