A little post to say that I haven’t become a slacker in the world of blogging, my poor laptop took a nose dive on me. As soon as these updates get downloaded, I can get back to putting up pics and running my mouth happily. The state foods challenge has gotten a little less easy, D’s doctor has told him that the cholesterol needs to come down and it’s healthy living for us! Darn it, the plucky tartlet refuses to give in to the idea that healthy means blech, and these days enough other people think the same way that it shouldn’t be too hard to get healthy while things are delicious. It’s a new opportunity for me to become a better cook, and the state foods will just have to get a little more creative. As always, any suggestions for state culinary representatives are welcome, and most likely a more fun voting then the voting wars we’re all in right now in the US. Alabama  is figured out, so I’m one bit closer to being ready for February. What a busy month this may turn out to be, in such great ways!