Probably like some of y’all out there, I have a tendency to get a good idea and jump in without doing all of the planning I should have. The one week a state project is gonna happen, but it was silly to try to start it in the middle of the month with not much grocery money left and no menu planning. The 1st of February is when the new monthly budget begins, and I’m gonna start this then. Alabama is too deep in food tradition to short it by trying to do this with only what’s on hand without warning. The month of February will be Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and Arkansas. Any suggestions from natives out there on what to make? If y’all have any ideas on what represents these states, do me a favour and let me know!

Speaking of projects, my seeds got here from The Cook’s Garden. There’s a whole mess of them, and this means there’s gonna be lots of work to do out back. Who knows how vegetable gardening in the land of the one season is gonna turn out.