The budget is getting tight for this month, which is ok because I stocked up on a lot of things. Figured that getting rid of a few things from the list wouldn’t hurt, don’t really need more milk yet, regular onions will do for now, the chicken turned into fish, had enough garlic, how responsible of me! Onion rolls, kitty litter, orange juice, and fish is all I need! Oh look, decorator bag for frosting when I’ve been learning these new techniques (new to me anyway, basic to y’all), and cute little sprinkles, and two pounds of fresh strawberries from a local farm, and phyllo dough that I’ve always wanted to try, and puff pastry that I wanted to try! To be fair, I haven’t gone over budget yet. Two pounds of strawberries? What am I gonna do with them? *shakes her head at herself* Help!