Today’s accomplishment, using up two frozen chicken breasts in the freezer. The store had been selling chicken breasts very cheap, and I grabbed a bunch to freeze. One of the bags ended up scrunching in the freezer, and if you’ve ever tried to thaw out chicken that’s formed into a ball you’ll know this is *not* very fun. You can leave it in the fridge for several years while the glacier recedes, or you can try the microwave if you like your chicken frozen in the middle and rubber on the outside. Being the gourmet chef I am (and if you believe that your bridge deed is right over here), I put the beast into a pot of boiling water and walked away. It takes a while, but such a wrong sounding method produces a nice, tender bunch of chicken breast for chicken salad. It’s not a fancy recipe, but this is mine.

Two chicken breasts, cooked and cubed

Three apples, cubed

Three stalks of celery, diced

A cup of raisins (cranberries work great as an addition or substitue), left to stew in enough hot water to cover them for fifteen minutes or so

Three small dashes of cinnamon

Three small dashes of dried lemon peel

One little squirt of lemon juice

Enough mayo until it’s the way you want it (Hellman’s makes a Light Mayo that even my picky self can’t tell the difference on, and I despise low fat substitutions usually)

Mix everything together, adding the mayo last so you can tell how much you want. Put in the fridge for an hour or more to combine.