How often do you need a heavy jacket in Tampa Bay? They’re issuing warnings tonight about the cold, and not just the usual freaking out when it drops below 72 F here. It’s supposed to get to below 32 F, which doesn’t seem like a big deal to most of the country but around here it might as well be front page news. The pink grapefruit won’t survive the night, we went out and plucked all the fruit to give out at D’s office and rounded up the neighbours. He and I ain’t fond of grapefruit, so we knocked on the neighbour’s doors and told them to come on and get it while the getting’s good. It’s a good night for winter food, grabbed some of the chili I’d made up out of the freezer and simmered it while I made some Jiffy bread. It’s an addiction! Never have found any cornbread I like as much as the sweet, golden Jiffy mix (as trailer as that is), and if it ain’t broke…